Vision From The Lord To The Believers in UAE 29-05-2023

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While praying for the UAE, the Sovereign Lord showed me a vision. In my vision, I saw a land being ploughed, and then seeds were sown, but when the time came for the seed to sprout, the worms came out of the ground. It looked like a field of worms. The worms destroyed the seed because the land was not fertile enough to produce.

And the Lord said to me, the land here is My people, the seed is My word, and worms are the devil. Over many decades through My servants, I had sown My word, but My people needed to be more receptive to My word and couldn't produce anything as most of them were busy behind the things of this world. I am coming soon, bringing my reward with me to repay all people according to their deeds, says the Lord God Almighty.

In His firm grip,

Neha Evans Francis

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